SEO Audit & Strategy For Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)

In order to develop a thorough SEO strategy, it is important to distinguish between quick wins (ie – low hanging fruit) from long-term, difficult to implement projects. The way we identify these, as an initial first step, is through a comprehensive SEO Audit.

An SEO audit allows us to identify opportunities, develop a road-map, and understand necessary actions required to fully develop an SEO strategy. From basic optimizations (such as metadata protocol, URL structure, crawling and indexation) – to long term optimizations (like international targeting, site speed and web experience enhancements), a comprehensive SEO Audit allows our team to understand the nuances found within our clients sites and CMS.

In addition, since our agency primarily works with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) content management systems, we have extensive experience carrying out SEO audits, strategies, as well as understand the limitations and opportunities capable within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud environment, which allows us to offer a competitive advantage over traditional SEO agencies.