Technical SEO For Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)

Technical optimizations include improving site speed, improving crawlability and indexability issues, correcting HTTP headers & status codes, fix international targeting issues, ensure canonical tags and filter pages are coded correctly, and much more.

We work closely with your development teams to ensure technical fixes are performed at an optimal standard & report and measure all implementations pre, during, and post release.

Conversely, for large e-commerce websites, we’ll establish a dialogue with your internal tech team in order to align SEO requirements with other technical requirements already on the roadmap. We would be responsible for creating tickets (ie JIRA) as well as QA development, staging and production environments.

Technical SEO Checklist

Site Modifications

Meta Data (titles, H1’s, etc.)
Canonical Tags
301 redirects (Permanent)
302 redirects (Temporary)
404 Implementations
CSS Modifications
Javascript Modifications
Schema Markup
Lazy Loading
Deferring CSS
Permalinks (dynamic URL changes)
Image Alt tags
URL Hierarchy
Internal Links
XML Sitemap
HTML Sitemap
Meta Robots Tags
Facets / Filters
URL Structures
3rd Party Scripts
DNS Updates
Platform Updates
URL Parameters
International Pages & Hreflang
Ratings/Reviews Integration (Partner or Integ. Method)
CDN Configuration Changes
A/B Testing Scripts (e.g. Monetate) 
Invalid Tags in
Preload, Preconnect & DNS-Prefetch
Mobile vs. Desktop Site

Impact Specifics

Rankings and visibility
Visibility and page authority
Page authority and equity
Page authority and equity
KW visibility loss – product redirect strategy
Site accessibility / visibility
Content Visibility / Page Speed
Content / Site Visibility
PLP / PDP authority and visibility
Page Speed Impacts
Page Speed Impacts
Site accessibility and crawl-ability
Page visibility, canonical implications, negative SEO impact
Image visibility
Google’s Understanding Of Site Structure
Page Authority
Site Indexability
UX / Internal Links
Site / Page Visibility & Accessibility
Canonical Tag Strategy Implications / Crawl Budget
KW & Page Visibility
Page Speed Impacts
Page Speed Impacts
Varies – can deprecate or overwrite prior configured features
Canonical Tag Strategy Implications / Crawl Budget
Site visibility / Duplicate content
PDP authority and visibility
Varies – Page Speed, feature deprecation, other
Canonical Tag Strategy Implications / Crawl Budget
Page Speed Impacts
Page Speed Impacts, Content Visibility
Site accessibility and crawl-ability
Page Speed Impacts
Content / Site Visibility (Mobile is what is evaluated)